Top Two Shrimp Flies That Will Drive Redfish Crazy This Season

These Top Two Shrimp Flies will give you the edge while pursuing redfish throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast this season.” -Jesse Males

Chasing redfish on the fly can be pretty difficult at times. In different areas redfish behave very spooky and even just the sound of the fly hitting the water can scare them off. However, in other areas they are the complete opposite. In areas like Louisiana redfish will often chase down a fly from over 10ft away without reservations. All in all, here are my top two shrimp flies that I believe will help land hundreds of fish this season.

Remember, a good fly will get you at least half way there, but then it is up to you to put it in the zone with a quiet presentation. I can help you with the fly side of things, but the casting is all up to you!

My top two new shrimp flies that I think will catch plenty of redfish this season are the Two-Tone Camarón and the “GO-TO” Sparkle Shrimp.

Two Tone Camarón



The Two Tone Camarón is a great realistic pattern that using the Shrimp and Cray Tails from Flymen Fishing Company instead of lead dumbbell eyes. This helps the fly sink down into the zone after it hits the water.

“GO-TO” Sparkle Shrimp

Both of these flies have a great look to them that trigger eats. My friends Aaron Gates in Texas and Kevin Garcia in Florida have already been using these two fly patterns to land fish in their home waters.



With these types of results early in the season it is no wonder why these are the top two new shrimp flies for the 2018 fall/winter redfish season.

If you do not tie your own flies, you can pick up 3-packs of both these patterns on my online fly shop,

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males