“The “GO-TO” Sparkle Shrimp is one of the best shrimp flies for redfish on the flats.” -Jesse Males

Due to its construction this shrimp fly lands soft and has all the components that make up a killer redfish fly. Legs, fur, feathers, and a bit of flash set make this make of the best shrimp flies out there for shallow water redfish. It is easy to tie and can easily be done in a variety of color combinations.

Below is the HD Fly Tying Video for the “GO-TO” Sparkle Shrimp! ENJOY!

As you can see this shrimp fly is a pretty quick tie and looks super fishing. Next time you get out on the flats in search of redfish be sure to bring some of these along. Tied on a a #6 saltwater hook they can easily produce for bonefish as well.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males