Fly Fishing Tarpon In Costa Rica “EL POONADOR”

“Fly fishing for tarpon in Costa Rica can provide some of the most epic moments in fly fishing!” -Jesse Males

When it comes to fly fishing tarpon in Costa Rica you can count on two things: good vibes and chances at big hungry fish! Sure there are times when the weather makes it tough, but that is just part of the jungle experience. After all, this is a rainforest!

Recently I was able to get out with the rest of the 506 Outdoors crew and chase tarpon for a few days. Despite the fishing being tough we managed to hookup and a number of great fish and do a little filming while we were at it.

Below is a short video recap of the action!

As you can see we managed to get some fish on the line and keep the energy high in between bites. Costa Rica tarpon fishing isn’t easy by any means, but when the bite is on you can easily hookup on 5-10 tarpon a day. Getting those fish to the boat once they hit the fly is where the challenge is.

fly fishing tarpon in Costa Rica
Fly Fishing Tarpon in Costa Rica

With this season just starting down here I am eager to get back out there and chase these bruisers again. I see a bright future for me over the next few months!

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males