Bird Dog Coolers Outbound 45 Review

“I have been hauling the Outbound 45 by Bird Dog Coolers around the jungle for about 2 months now. From the beaches to the mountains, here are my thoughts!” – Jesse Males

For those of you that follow my posts, you know a video review is more my style. So, no need to worry, a video review of this product is coming…I can assure you of that. For now, it is time to practice your reading skills. Lets get started!

Bird Dog Coolers Outbound Review
Bird Dog Coolers Outbound Review

After running across Bird Dog Coolers on Instagram and talking with them online I quickly found we all had similar passions for the outdoors and the quality products that make our experiences even better while in the field. So, I snatched one up and started putting it to the test on various trips across Costa Rica.

For the past two months I have been running this thing around to remote beaches as well as high mountain jungle passes. Here are some of my findings on the topics of performance, function, durability, and style.


When running boats back in Florida I became well familiarized with the typical cooler brands on the market. Holding ice during scallop season was a must the ability to keep ice for multiple days was something no boat captain can go without. So, I was pleased to find the Outbound 45 had no problem holding ice for days, and days, and days.

I brought the cooler on a 3 day guided tip with a client a few months back and after the 3 days I had plenty of ice left over. So I decided to put this thing to the test and see how long the ice would last. Leaving the cooler on my front porch I put another 12 beers in it an let it sit. I opened it each evening to grab a brew, then shut it again. This continued on and on until the evening of the 8th day. At this point I still had ice cold water, but the ice cubes had all melted. The next evening on day 9 the beers were still cold, but it was evident that the water temp was beginning to rise a bit more.

Bird Dog Coolers Outbound Review
Bird Dog Coolers Outbound Review

Overall I was stoked to see this cooler actually stand up to the test of what is marketed to do. A cooler that can’t hold ice isn’t really a cooler in my opinion. It is just a fancy box with a few handles. I am very happy to say, the Outbound 45 IS A REAL COOLER!!!


This cooler is decked out with super durable handles, fantastic latches that secure the lid in place, a strong interior seal, an easy to access drain, as well as a pressure release valve.

A few bottle openers on the sides as well as a ruler molded into the lid provide a few extra bonus features to its already functional design. Not to mention the top of the lid rough to the touch to help reduce the amount of slip while standing/sitting on it. It seems everything about this product was thoroughly thought out and well executed.


I’ll be honest with you and admit that I didn’t do any tests involving wild animals trying to claw their way into this thing, nor did I drag it behind my truck through the jungle for miles and miles. However, from what I can tell from ordinary use, this thing is built like a brick house. The super sturdy and tight design allows for a “no worries” type of freedom while hauling it around. Not having to worry about damaging this thing in any way is a huge relief.


One look at this cooler and you know its a stud! I chose my Outbound 45 in a seafoam green color and absolutely love it. The hard edges and slick design of this thing create a cooler you will not be ashamed to call your own. Wether you are rocking this thing at a campground, riding around with it on your skiff, or chilling out in your backyard during a cookout, the Outbound collection by Bird Dog Coolers is up for the task.

The Outbound comes in at 20 quart, 45 quart, or 75 quart. Each size has its place in the hunting and fishing world, no doubt about that!

I really like this product and will continue to enjoy testing this thing out in the years to come. While I am not the type to “push” products on any of my followers, if you are on the market for a new cooler, I would recommend looking into Bird Dog Coolers. Shoot them a message and learn more about what drove them to get into this business in the first place. Once you hear their passion for the outdoors like I did, you will be sold.

You can also check out Bird Dog Coolers on Facebook and Instagram. If you aren’t the social media type, then head over to to learn more.

Keep your heart right, and your line tight!

Jesse Males



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