Trout Fishing Costa Rica At Its Finest

“Costa Rica trout fishing is something that every trout fisherman has to experience!” – Jesse Males

The more time I spend running around looking for hidden trout streams in the mountains of Costa Rica, the more obsessed I become. It doesn’t matter if I am exploring far out streams or small hidden creeks on the outskirts of towns – the idea of landing a big healthy rainbow while being surrounded by the thick vegetation of the Central American jungle is enough to make my knees shake with anticipation.

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Trout Fishing Costa Rica

Recently my good friend Mark Evans and I were able to make a trip out to some new water we had heard was holding some very nice fish. After hours of riding around checking streams here and there, we finally made it to a place that looked promising.

Below is a quick video of a recent trip featuring some great topwater dry fly action.

Trout Fishing Costa Rica
Trout Fishing Costa Rica

Up until this point we had both become used to landing the typical 8-10″ tico trout on our trips, which are great fun on a 7ft 3wt rod. However, this new area proved to hold less fish by number, but the ones we did catch enabled us both to break our previous personal bests.

Trout Fishing Costa Rica
Trout Fishing Costa Rica

After working a few pools as we headed up stream, we were still empty handed. Second thoughts about the area were beginning to creep into our heads when Mark hooked into a legit 18″ CR monster! Sadly after 10 seconds of fighting the fish in the deep pool, POP!!! Out comes the fly as the bow jumped one final time. Both Mark and I were left speechless!

Trout Fishing Costa Rica
Trout Fishing Costa Rica

Luckily, we ended the day with some very nice fish and will certainly be making some trips back to that area in the near future to finish what we started.

Trout Fishing Costa Rica
Trout Fishing Costa Rica

Without a doubt, fly fishing for trout in Costa Rica is something that every serious trout angler needs to try at least once!

Below is a video I did about a year ago that showcases what you can expect while trout fishing in the jungle!

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As always…Keep your heart right, and your line tight!

Jesse Males

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