FADs Fishing Costa Rica: Marlin On The Fly

“FAD’s fishing Costa Rica is one of the best places on earth to land a marlin on fly!” – Jesse Males 

Pursuing a marlin on the fly is something that every serious fly angler needs to try at least once. Lucky for me I got the invite to head out with my good friends Justin DeBoom, Benn Gilmour, and Mark Evans to chase these bluewater beasts during a 24hr FADs trip here in Costa Rica. At midnight we set out on the 46′ Caribsea and headed of into the night.

FADs Fishing Costa Rica Marlin On The Fly
FADs Fishing Costa Rica Marlin On The Fly

Typically during a run to the FADs it is best to stay out for 2 days and 3 nights. This will allow you to make the most of the trip and have multiple shots at marlin and sailfish. During our trip we only spend one full day fishing out there and raised 8 marlin, hooked 3 on fly, and landed one!


Here is a quick video of some of the action you can experience on one of these trips. Obviously having a bunch of hard core fly anglers on board the boat helps to keep the stoke up!

Seeing Justin hook up on that fish within 20 minutes of trolling around the FAD really set the pace for the trip. That morning both Benn and I had the opportunity to hook a fish. Unfortunately for us our light line couldn’t hold up to the force of the hooks behind the moving boat. Thats you learn lessons the hard way I guess.


As you can see the trip was an overwhelming success. Justin was able to land his first ever marlin on fly and Benn and I left empty handed. However, just knowing that the opportunity is out there keeps us longing to get back out there and give it another shot. All in all we were super thankful to have had the opportunity to come back with some great video and photos from the trip. Obviously this is just a taste of how epic it really is!

If you would like to come down and try this type of fishing with me as your personal photographer for the trip, shoot me an email at backwaterflyfishing@yahoo.com


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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males 


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