Video: Kayak Fishing Costa Rica’s Wild Rivers

“I have said it many times now, machaca are one of the baddest freshwater fish to target on a fly rod!” -Capt. Jesse Males

As you know my escapades down in Costa Rica have put me in some great opportunities to target exotic species like machaca, quapote (rainbow bass), and mojarra.

These fish are great fun on a 5-8wt fly rod and can grow to epic proportions. Most of the fishing here is done by tossing out small topwater poppers and waiting for them to get crushed. flies for costa rica

Recently I was able to get out on the water with my friend, Mark Evans, from Stone Mountain Outdoors and chase machaca on one of prettiest jungle rivers you can imagine.

The video below is a recap of the day and some of the fish we landed!

As you can see these rivers are full of fish and in low water conditions the water is crystal clear. While the clear water makes for a tougher day of fishing, it is super cool to look down and spot multiple different species of tropical fish running around on the bottom. IMG_0051

Believe it or not, during higher water conditions these jungle rivers often have tarpon and snook move into these pristine upper sections to feed. Landing a tarpon in this environment is a new goal of mine.


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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males 


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