Sierra Designs: NEW Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

“I have owned many sleeping bags since the lifestyle of backpacking rocked my world over a decade ago, but none have treated me as well as the Cloud 20 by Sierra Designs !” Capt. Jesse Males

During my recent trip to Wyoming last August I covered 100 plus miles of gnarly trail in a few different sections of the state. The obvious goal of most of my backpacking trips is to get into high mountain or backcountry areas that hold great fly fishing opportunities. This particular trip was no different. However, just because the trip was centered around fly fishing, doesn’t mean the other gear isn’t important. In fact, I am one picky dude when it comes to what gear I choose to carry on the regular. Needless to say, the Cloud 20 by Sierra Designs won me over!

IMG_0589This sleeping bag has some pretty sweet design features that I want to cover with you all. However, here is a brief review of some of the tech specs.

Design: Zipper-less Mummy Style

Fill: 800 Dri-Down

Length: Regular 6ft

Weight: 1lb 13oz / 824gIMG_0569

Sleeping Pad Size: 20”x2.5” / 50×6.3cm

As you can see, this bag is extremely lightweight and is perfect for backpacking into cold far out places. Despite benefits of the lightweight design, it is the key features to this bag that will blow you away.



Thats right! This bag has no zippers at all. This design allows for extra easy entry and exit while the ability to tuck the entrance flap into the bag itself provide maximum heat retention.

Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Sleeping Bag


When I said this bag was the perfect bag, I wasn’t kidding. The patented self-sealing foot vent allows the user to kick their feet in and out of the bag without the least bit of effort. This glorious foot vent ensures you maintain the perfect sleeping temperature throughout the night.


Another cool  thing about this bag is its design that allows the sleeping pad to slide right into the bottom of the bag so that no matter how much you toss and turn, you will never slide off!

cloud 20 sierra designs sleeping bag review


Without a doubt this bag prevents even the slightest draft. I found the shoulder and head areas of this bag immediately began to heat me up even on the coldest of nights. I often saw temps around 20-25 degrees and felt super comfortable in just my base layers or a tee shirt.


After a week and a half of crashing in this bag we ended up staying at a hotel in Cody, WY before our flights left the next day. I kid you not, that night I wish I was crawling back into this bag instead of the “comfy” bedsheets at the hotel. This thing blew me away as far as providing a lightweight bag with cutting edge tech features. If you are in the market for a new 20 degree bag then look no further than that Cloud 20 by Sierra Designs.

To learn more about the Cloud 20 and other product from SD be sure to visit

Keep your hearts right, and you lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males


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