“I am super stoked to present the new look of our online fly shop,! Find out how you can get 25% off anything in the store!” – Capt. Jesse Males

Over the past year and a half my online fly shop has continued to grow and our social media following is stronger than ever!

To commemorate reaching over 10,000 Instagram followers and to help provide the best viewing/shopping experience for all those folks that make their way over to the shop, I have currently re-designed the layout to a more appealing design.

I would be honored if you guys would make your way over to and give me your honest opinion of the website.

If you email your feedback to I will reply with a 25% off discount code for you to use any time you like on any item listed.

Also, I can’t thank everyone enough that has supported not only my fly shop, but this website,, as well. If it wasn’t for all the post and video shares this operation wouldn’t be what it is today.

Well, enough with the mushy stuff. I look forward to reviewing all the emails over the next week.

As always, keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Jesse Males



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