Costa Rica Offshore Kayak Fishing for Dorado

“Dorado present themselves as a great target while offshore kayak fishing in Costa Rica, and this video proves it!” –Capt. Jesse Males 

Recently my brother was able to come down and spend a week or so visiting me in Costa Rica. While he was here we teamed up with our friend Micah to head out and do some offshore kayak fishing in a spot we had success at in the past. While our goal was to pick up some tuna or roosterfish on topwater plugs, we found ourself pulling in big dorado instead!


Here is the action packed video of our trip!

As you can see we certainly found some great fishing action only a few hundred yards off the shoreline. This particular area has a pretty quick drop and provided us with a few hundred feet of water to wet our lines in.


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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males 


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