Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Duffel: HD Video Gear Review

Westwater Roll Top Duffel Review

“After this bag kept my DSRL safe during a full day of kayaking jungle rivers in the rain in Costa Rica, I was hooked!” – Capt. Jesse Males

If you have been following my blog or Facebook and Instagram accounts, then you know I recently reviewed Fishpond’s Westwater Roll Top Backpack after bringing it with me on a flats fishing trip to the island of Guadeloupe. Westwater Roll Top Duffel ReviewHaving being left with a great impression from the Westwater series backpack I decided, to pick up the Westwater Roll Top Duffel as well. In the past month I have put it to use during a 3 day canoe trip in Central Florida and some far out trips exploring some jungle rivers in Costa Rica via kayak.

Here is a quick overview I put together of the bag and some of the features that make this a unique and extremely functional, submersible luggage piece.

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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males





Published by Backwater Fly Fishing

I’m Capt. Jesse Males, an avid fly fishing, snook snatching, kayak paddling, tarpon slaying, mountain hiking, manatee swimming fool from Central Florida. Over the years fly fishing has had a huge impact on my life and particularly on how I view the world we spend our time in. I am currently the owner and operator of as well as our online fly shop, The lifestyle that is called fly fishing has taken me to some amazing destinations and has provided me with some amazing experiences in the wild. From chasing big salty critters in the Florida Keys, to roosters in Coast Rica, to small wild trout in the Carolinas, and all the way up to the high mountain cutthroat of Wyoming; I have been blessed to experience fly fishing at its finest.

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