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1st Annual Jungle’s Edge Tarpon Tournament Video Update

Video update from the 1st Annual Jungle's Edge Tarpon Tournament

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the 1st Annual Jungle’s Edge Tarpon Tournament in Manzanillo, Costa Rica!” – Capt. Jesse Males

The Jungle’s Edge Tarpon Tournament was put on by Tarponville Fishing Lodge down on Costa Rica’s beautiful caribbean coast. I am happy to say that Backwater Fly Fishing was able to be one of the many sponsors for this wonderful event.

IMG_1801.jpgTarponville Fishing Lodge is located on an amazing tarpon fishery that is truly world class. Despite the bad weather during the tournament anglers did manage to put a few hooks in some tarpon and tackle a few jacks as well.

On the last day of fishing, Brooke was able to qualify for one of our Custom Wooden Tarpon Boxes that we were giving away as a prize.

I must say, I am very pleased to be able to hand off this wonderful gift to such a great angler!

Jungle’s Edge Tarpon Tournament, Tarponville Fishing Lodge

If you are looking to plan a tarpon trip to Tarponville Fishing Lodge for your next vacation, be sure to get in contact with the owner Mark Martin by shooting him an email at

At Tarponville you will find great food, great fishing, and great people. Whether you are a group of two or a group of twelve, these folks have the accommodations to meet your needs.

Congrats to all the anglers that showed up for this years tournament! I will look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males

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