Fly Tying with Furry Foam: Bonefish Crab Flies

Fly tying with furry foam is one of the best ways to create great looking bonefish crab imitations. With a variety of colors available it has become a product used by thousands of anglers who are trying to mimic a specific crab on their local flat.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to ensure you don’t miss out on our step-by-step tying video launching in a few days!bonefish crab fly patternI have been tying these micro crab patterns on #4 Mustad Shrimp hooks and they have been turning out great. As you can see in the photo above, these bonefish crabs feature white round, rubber legs that I have accented with sharpie markers. Using markers in this way allows you to create a more detailed pattern and opens up the door to more possibilities.

Down here in Costa Rica there are a number of different color crabs that live on the flats and reef sections just off the beach. These areas are home to crab eating predators like  snappersnooktriggerfish, pompano and much much more. Rumors of bonefish and permit in select areas on the caribbean coast are surfacing as well. Making sure you are able to match what these picky eaters are feeding on is of utmost importance.

As I mentioned earlier, keep a lookout for our furry foam tying video coming out in the next few days.

Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males



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