Costa Rica: 3 Video Overview

Since being in Costa Rica, I have been fortunate enough to explore the country at my own pace. No schedules to keep up with and no trip itinerary to follow. Just simply taking things as they come. Fishing down here has been a work in progress. Getting out and testing the waters has been a blast. Believe it or not, the first fish I landed in Costa Rica was a roosterfish. This video covers my fishing adventures in Playa Del Coco and some of the other activities as well.

Since nailing that roosterfish in Playa Del Coco, I have been able to make a few other trips to the beach to search for fish anywhere I can find them. Some of my efforts have been rewarded, and others have not. One of the coolest places I fished was accessed by launching my kayak into some mangrove channels looking for snook and jacks. Thankfully, it didn’t take long before my fly was getting slammed left and right.

Jacks, snapper, and snook were all landed by the end of the day; however, nothing of any size was landed. We must have been fishing in a fish daycare or something. Here is a sweet video short of the day and some of the fish that were landed. Remember, it is not the size of the fish that always count. Sometimes you got to showcase the little ones too.

My last adventure was exploring some of the waters in the north end of the Gulf of Nicoya. This is a vast area and although there are probably big fish up there, none of them ended up in our yak. During this trip, we paddled from the east side of the gulf to an island in the channel and then to the western shoreline of Isla de Chira. We covered a total of 8 miles and explored some sweet mangrove areas along the way. This next video includes clips from that trip and some fish that were caught on the rocks of Punta Leona.

Learning the fishing scene down here without the help of guides is pretty tough. There is not a whole lot of specific information that can be found on most of the water in Costa Rica. This makes exploring new areas extremely fun and rewarding. If you have enjoyed the videos, make sure to “subscribe” to our Youtube channel and “Like” Backwater Fly Fishing on Facebook! Stay tuned for more videos and updates.

Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males

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