Our Kickstarter Project was a Success!

The idea of putting a Kickstarter project together was a last minute decision to not only help provide funding for our project, but also test the responsiveness of the industry we are in. Thanks to almost two dozen awesome sponsors we have reached our goal and are on our way to moving forward! We hope to have our online store up and running by the end of March. We still have a ton of work to do and are eager to see what takes place in the days ahead.

Anthony and I would like to give a huge shout out to some of our backers that came through strong for us and even increased their bids at some point during the duration of the project! Thanks to these folks we not only reached our goal, but surpassed it!Backwater logo copy

A huge thank you to: Zachary A Copp, Travel Country Outfitters, Michael Herring, Seth Horne, Matt Kidney, Ted and Sandy Greenspan, Phillip, Sam Caruso, Brandon Mellot, Brian McCutcheon, Chris Will, Linda Burkhead, Kevin Post, Tim Tabor, Charles, Matt Hall, Grant, Micah Baly, and all my family that has helped me along the way!

Your participation and support is much appreciated! Now it is time to get to work! If everything goes as scheduled, we should be having all rewards shipped out around the middle of March.

Thanks again for your generosity! Much love!



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