Tying Video: Poppin Flats Shrimp

I am a very strong advocate for the fact that simple flies often catch the most fish. This is true in my experience; however, there are those days when you got to tie up a few with a hint of realism. This was obviously one of those days.

This fly uses some modern techniques to create the eyes, as well as a body style that does a fine job imitating a shrimp skimming across the surface. Although I toss this pattern into the gurgler category its profile is unique.


During this  video I cover how to create your own shrimp/crab eyes from scratch and how to properly cut your foam to create your own Poppin Shrimp body. Obviously the color combinations of this fly are endless. Tan/pink, brown/orange/ Olive/black are all great color schemes.

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Jesse Males






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