Tying Video: Kwan Shrimp Fly


IMG_0016This is a fly that every fly angler needs to know how to tie. There are dozens if not hundreds of flies that use the technigues that are used in constructing this fly. There are multiple color variations that work very well for redfish, sea trout, and snook.

In this video I tie my favorite color combination that seems to work very well. I think these colors do a great job looking slick and natural in the water.

This fly has helped me seal the deal on countless numbers of fish, and despite being on the larger side, this can also be a great bonefish fly as well.

If you have any questions about the fly or the steps needed to tie it, make sure to send me an email. To check out more videos and stay posted on new content please subscribe to Backwater Fly Fishing on Youtube and make sure to Like us on Facebook.

Tight lines,

Capt. Jesse MalesBackwater logo copy

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