Fly Fishing Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Jumping out of bed to an alarm at 4:15 in the morning sounds like it would suck; however, when I am getting up to go chase redfish around the flats it is just a small price to pay. As pull up to the launch site I notice it is barely getting light in the east. Bugs are fierce, and I obviously forgot the bug spray. Just my luck. Oh, and I just happen to be wearing shorts…

So after fighting off hundreds of mosquitos for 45 minutes the sun finally gets up and a breeze is soon to follow. Thank the Lord. Another few minutes of the bugs would have had me swimming in the water to get away from them. I am super stoked it didn’t come to that.

Slot Red on a Red/White Clouser
Slot Red on a Red/White Clouser

It didn’t take long before I came across a trio of tailing fish. Working slowly up along the shoreline they were an easy target. My first cast landed a few feet in front of the leading fish, and with a strong burst he shot over an inhaled my red/white clouser minnow. Off we went. Drag peeling off a reel just thirty minutes after sunrise is as good as it gets. After landing this red and checking him out for a few minutes he was back on his way. And so was I…

Slot Redfish
Slot Redfish

Making my way across some flats over the next few hours I had a few more shots at some cruising reds. After a few fish turning down my red/white clouser I decided it was time to mix it up. I switched over to and all back marabou estaz combo. As I rounded the corner of one of the smaller islands I noticed a nice fish working the bank. Again, my first cast landed perfectly and I was rewarded once again with a drag screaming good time.

This area has always been a favorite of mine. With so much water holding quality fish it is hard to go wrong. Each time out is a learning experience and with a little patience and a lot of paddling it is a kayak fishing paradise.

Anyway, hope you dig the video and pics. Remember, keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!


Capt. Jesse Males

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