Fly Fishing Baby Tarpon

Chasing baby tarpon with a fly rod is something every fisherman needs to experience. Coming tight with one of these lil guys is as explosive as it gets. Even though they don’t seem like much compare to the big boys, they will surprise any angler and push his or her skills. Finding these lil guys is hard, getting the hook to stay in their mouth is even harder.

Most of my success with these lil dudes has been due to short flies, sharp hooks, and a ton of luck. Most of the time im chasing them with a 7wt. This seems to due the trick; however, a baby tarpon in the 25-30lb range will push a 7wt to the max. If you know you got some heavier ones in the school it may be wise to throw an 8wt or higher at em.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know what you think.

Keep your hearts right and your lines tight!


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