Cockroach Bay and Big Nasty Snook!

So I’ve known this kid for a long time. He calls himself, “Anthony” and lives in Tampa, Fl. We have been talking smack about getting together and heading out in the yaks to chase fish for a while now. FInally we made it out on the water last Monday.

Unfortunately the weather gave us grief in the afternoon, and ended up running us off the water. However, we were able to get some good fishing in during the morning and mid-day hours which resulted in us landing a nice red and some decent snook.

This area is a playground for the kayak fisherman. The water here is made up of endless mangrove backwaters that are teaming with tons of snook and reds. I will definately be finding my way back to this area in the near future.

IMG_4831A few nights after I got back from this trip I made my way over to Crystal River with my brother, Brody. After chillin out at the house we decided to head down to the bay and see if we could land a big nasty snook. After about the 5th cast, my brothers line came tight. As the drag screamed and his 20lb braid raced off the reel we both knew it was a giant. Truely a giant fish.IMG_5044

I hope you enjoyed the video and pics from our trip out. Remember, keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!


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