Withlacoochee Canoe Trip

In 2011 I teamed up with a friend of mine, Matt Kidney, in hopes of putting together a killer canoe trip. We invited other close friends and decided that canoeing 35 miles of the Withlacoochee river over the course of 3 days sounded like a good idea. This would allow us to float downstream the entire way so we could do a good amount of fishing as we drifted.

Turned out that when it was go time only Matt and I were able to make it out. This changed up the plans a bit, but we decided that we would take one canoe and knock the trip out ourselves. This float turned out to be legendary. Since then the trip has become a yearly event. IMG_1635

This year we were able to get out and paddle the river once again. Only this time we were not alone. My little brother Brody, my cousin Daniel, Matt’s wife Sasha, as well as Matt’s dad and uncle all tagged along.IMG_1634

The added company made the trip a blast. Swapping fish stories and putting back a few chilled beers made the camp fire time extra special. All in all we caught some decent fish, a sun tan, and were able to spend some quality time with good friends. That is exactly what this trip is about. IMG_1659

Looking forward to next year. But until then, at least we have a sweet video to remind us of the trip.

Remember to keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Take care,


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  1. Corey says:

    Good stuff. That blue hole water looks like a good spot to cool off, too.


    1. Jesse M says:

      Yeah man! That was a great place to stop for a few hours and swim. I look forward to that spot each time.


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