Mosquito Lagoon Gator Trout

Got out a few days ago with a coworker and laid siege to the grass flats on the south end of Mosquito Lagoon. Pushing through these endless flats while looking for big fish hiding in potholes is enough adrenaline to give a skydiver a heart attack!

It never takes long to start seeing fish out here. All the water in this area can be extremely productive throughout the year. However, in the early spring time this area gets invaded with massive sea trout.IMG_1339

After spooking a few fish and having some turn away from my fly, we decided on switching over to some proven shrimp patterns. This did the trick and it only took a few casts before my reel started singing the Poon’ Tune!

Pulling tight on these big trout is a heck of a good time. We saw dozens of great fish hiding throughout the area, but were only able to get this big guy into the boat.

Mosquito Lagoon Trout
Mosquito Lagoon Trout

Hanging out on this 17′ skiff was something new for me. I usually unleash all my mayhem out of kayaks and canoes. However, this guy handled great and we were able to sneak up into some pretty skinny water with ease.

Despite only landing one fish, we had a great afternoon chasing around big bruiser trout in only a few feet of water. That beats any day at work in my book.

Keep your hearts right and your lines tight,

Jesse Males

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