Canoe Fishing Homosassa FL.

No matter how many times I get up to go fishing, 5 am still comes awful early. As my alarm rang off I shuffled out of my sleeping bag, and started to take inventory on all the gear I had gotten ready the night before. Fishing rod, CHECK! To be honest that is the only piece of equipment that I make sure to never forget. Everything else is secondary.

Baby Red

Fishing this area has been a great adventure for me over the years. Learning how the tide flows between the oyster bars determines a great deal about where the fish will be at a given time. IMG_1175

I was pleased to be able to chase some tails with my old friend James Fox. We managed to get out on the water early and land some nice fish before the wind picked up, sending us back to the boat ramp. Over the past few days we landed snook, trout, reds, and some decent largemouth bass.

Baby Snook Count Too!
Baby Snook Count Too!

This area on Florida’s Nature Coast is home to an endless variety of wildlife that can keep even the most seasoned adventurer busy for months on end. Exploring the many waterways in the area is an ever-changing experience. Most of the spring fed waterways are teaming with life during the winter months, as all kinds of fish make their journey up the rivers in search for warmer water. Fish are not the only thing that call this place home. A seemingly endless number of bird species migrate in and out of this area year round.

Birds Taking Flight
Birds Taking Flight

Having spent years exploring this area I still find new things every time I am out on the water. I find that a canoe or kayak is the best way to connect with nature and get an intimate experience with the waterway that you just can’t get in a standard boat.

Ozello Sunrise
Ozello Sunrise

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