Kayak Snook Fishing

As I arrived at the boat ramp at 5:30 in the morning, I knew it was going to be a wet day. The weather man’s forecast called for a high of 53 degrees and an 80% chance of rain . That was probably the reason why at 6:15 AM  we were the only people getting on the water.

My brother alone caught over 15 snook that day. This area had always produced quality fish, but we had never seen so many snook caught one right after another!

Big West Coast Snook
Big West Coast Snook

Although the rain kept pouring down through the dark sky we managed to paddle into some backwaters and quickly started hooking up on  some serious fish.

Warming Up By The FireBut , even with the fishing kicking off so well, the weather began to get the best of us; and we quickly found ourselves taking refuge near a fire underneath some very convenient palm trees. This became a recurring theme throughout the day. It was a huge blessing to be able to make a fire and hide out of the rain for a bit. Despite the rain still pouring down, we eventually felt warm enough to get back on the water and we wasted no time!

IMG_2473Snook were not the only thing slamming our lures during this trip. My brother and I both continued to land quality largemouth bass the entire day! This made for a very exciting day on the water!IMG_2475

Altogether we ended up catching more fish than we could have hoped for. Truly the Lord blessed us with an awesome day on the water. Being able to come out and test your drag on quality fish is always time well spent!
IMG_2499At the end of this trip we walked away with our heads high, but our hearts humbled. We had spent almost 10 hours in the freezing rain and walked away with some amazing stories to tell. IMG_2508Remember, don’t let the weather make or break your trip. As long as there are fish in in the water, they can be caught! There is no way this trip will be forgotten any time soon!

Tight lines!

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