Georgia Trout Fishing with Tritt’s Outfitters

Last September it was once again time to celebrate my 2 year anniversary with my amazing wife, Rebecca. Being trapped in Florida and needing a place to run away to, we decided on a 2 night stay at Amicalola Falls Lodge. This amazing location became the base camp for an amazing few days of exploring Dahlonega, GA.

After spending some time hiking up and down the falls it was time for me to get my hands dirty. And that meant landing some fish.

View From The Lodge

I knew from some brief research of the area that there were some great streams that held large fish. The problem was that with only half a day available for fishing, locating one of these streams was going to take a lot of luck. And thats where my friends at Tritt’s Outfitters came into play.outfitters-304x152
The guys that run the shop were extremely helpful, and before I knew it I had all my licenses and was ready to hit the water the following morning for a half day trip.

Guide: Wil Maxwell

I arrived at the shop at sunrise to meet up with my guide Wil Maxwell (left) before we headed to the river. It was only a short drive to our destination, and before I knew it we had our rods set and were sliding into our waders.


As we started our walk down to the stream we were greeted by an amazing view of the sunrise piercing through the trees and glistening on the dense brush at the water’s edge.

IMG_9668We moved slowly out into the water and began working a small pool at the base of a set of falls. We could see some nice rainbow trout holding in the current, and after a few drifts they inhaled our black streamer pattern. The fish was healthy and did everything it could to try to shake the hook free, but after a while we landed the first fish of the day.


That kicked off what would be a very exciting day of fishing.

Huge credit goes to my wife for getting some amazing footage of the trip!

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