Snook Fishing Kings Bay, Fl.

This morning I got up at 3 am. After chugging down some lava java, I hit the road for a two hour drive from Orlando to Crystal River, Fl. It rained for at least 90% of the drive up, but I still tried to be optimistic.

Kings Bay Snook
Kings Bay Snook

Kings Bay is an area that is continually changing throughout the year. During the coldest of winter months it becomes the home to hundreds of manatee. This draws quite the crowd of tourists. However, having grown up in the area, I know darn well that the manatee are not the only animals that take refuge here during this time. When water temperatures in the gulf begin to dip snook, snapper, jack, sea trout, and tarpon all come to bask in the warm waters of the bay.

This is a time that I look forward to each year. You can often find me stalking these waters in my canoe or kayak looking to cast my fly at a monster.

Here is a short video from this mornings adventure!

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  1. claritycreek says:

    nice post and site! I am heading down to New Smyrna this summer – If you have any advice on fly fishing that area let me know!


  2. Jesse M says:

    If you head south on A1A from New Smyrna there is a place call JB’s Fish Camp. This is a popular spot to put in and fish the lagoon area for big reads and sea trout. This would be a great spot during the summer to put in and check out. I would suggest looking JB’s up on google earth to get a better understanding of the waterways.

    Tight lines!


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